Welcome to Intuitive Sessions, where your experience of yourself truly matters. 

Our aim is to guide you towards presence, unlocking your intuition and helping you discover the solutions and answers that support your self-awareness and personal growth. Through self-awareness, empowerment emerges, and clarity unfolds in the present moment.

Discover Your Unique Blueprint

Your intuition holds the key to your unique blueprint. No one else on this planet has access to it. Our goal is to assist you in accessing your own intuition by identifying and overcoming any obstacles in your path.

Why Choose an Intuitive Session?

Gain Clarity and Direction: Find out where you currently stand in your life and uncover your next steps.

Break Down Complex Issues: Address problems or challenges that may seem overwhelming by revealing their underlying simplicity.

Practice Presence: Learn to bring your attention to the present moment, quiet your mind, and experience a deep sense of calm and relaxation. A relaxed mind and body can achieve anything.

Trust Your Inner Wisdom: Recognise that the answers you seek are already within you. Let us help you connect with your intuition and rely on it for guidance.

Deep Self-Understanding: Explore your true self, your current position in life, and uncover hidden aspects of your awareness. Release unexpressed emotions, thoughts, and ideas trapped within your mind and body.

Empowerment: Experience a profound level of self-empowerment as you see, hear, and feel your intuition, leading to personal growth and transformation.

Booking & Availability

Meet Ghazaleh Lowe 

Bondi Guru’s Director, Facilitator and Intuitive Horoscopes Writer.

The writer responsible for the beloved Intuitive Horoscopes is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of captivating readers worldwide. With a profound ability to perceive beyond the surface, Ghazaleh uncovers deeper truths for individuals and collectives, driving her work forward.

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Is it possible to have an in-person session?

Currently, we exclusively offer online sessions. The advantage of this approach is that all sessions are recorded and promptly sent to you.

How can I access the recording of my session?

After your session, we will send you an audio file of the session recording via email.

What distinguishes an Intuitive Session from a Reading?

An "Intuitive Session" focuses solely on intuition, bringing awareness to the present moment. On the other hand, a "Reading" typically revolves around predicting the future, which lies beyond the present moment and remains unknown. Engaging in readings can sometimes leave individuals feeling disempowered. It's important to note that we do not offer Readings; rather, our intuitive sessions centre around present moment awareness.

Are future readings available?

No, we do not offer readings specifically focused on the future or predictions. Engaging in such readings can sometimes leave individuals feeling disempowered. It's important to note that we do not offer Readings, but rather intuitive sessions centred on present moment awareness.

Do you provide session packages?

No, we only offer single sessions. If you find that you require multiple sessions during a particular phase in your life, we encourage you to book each session individually. This approach allows for flexibility when circumstances change in your life.