Experience the purpose of our Monthly Intuitive Horoscopes—gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the space from which you operate. With this knowledge, you'll navigate life's challenges with poise, responding rather than reacting. Integrate your insights, gain clarity, and know exactly where to direct your attention and focus. Your attention becomes your power, and we'll provide continuous reminders to be present and fully engaged in each moment.

Our Monthly Intuitive Horoscopes support you in rediscovering the power of presence. Embrace honesty with yourself as you ponder and reflect on what truly matters. Value your precious time, energy, and resources, and go beyond the limitations of stories, thoughts, and ideas. Find confidence and certainty amidst the uncertainty, guided by information that leads you back to your own intuition.

Unlock the transformative potential within you and embark on a journey of self-discovery, alignment, and empowerment. Let the Monthly Intuitive Horoscopes be your guiding light on this extraordinary path.

  • Ignite Your Inner Potential

    Uncover the ways your star signs impacts your life as we explore the psychology behind it. Learn how your unique traits and characteristics impact your choices and perspective. By understanding your star signs traits and characteristics, you can tap into your true potential and align yourself with the greater purpose of your life.

  • Focus on What Truly Matters

    Navigate the month ahead with clarity and purpose. Our Monthly Intuitive Horoscopes reveal the key areas to focus on, allowing you to prioritise your energy and efforts effectively. With this valuable guidance, you'll be empowered to make informed decisions and focus your dreams.

  • Respond, Don't React

    In the face of challenges, discover the art of responding rather than reacting. Our monthly forecast equips you with the wisdom to embrace life's ups and downs with grace and confidence. By understanding the underlying themes of the month, you can cultivate resilience and learn how to meet life challenges with awareness.

  • Ponder, Reflect, and Evolve

    Take a moment for self-reflection as the Monthly Intuitive Horoscopes encourage you to ponder and explore the deeper meaning of your experiences. Learn how to reflect and ask yourself the important questions to unlock new insights, foster personal growth, and learn more about yourself.

What’s Included

Delve into the depths of your being and gain profound insights into the upcoming month with our Monthly Intuitive Horoscopes. These exclusive forecasts provides you with an in-depth look at yourself and the lessons and opportunities that help you grown and evolve.

Audio Format: Direct Guidance at Your Fingertips. Access your star sign's Monthly Intuitive Horoscope with our streamlined audio format. Receive crucial insights presented visually for an immersive experience.

Monthly Focus: Discover the specific areas to focus your attention on and align yourself with the greater purpose of your life's journey. Let this valuable guidance empower you to navigate each month with clarity, intention, and a sense of deep alignment.

Key Dates: Discover the pivotal moments that hold opportunities and challenges. Mark them on your calendar and approach them with confidence, knowing you are equipped to make the most of every situation.

Intuitive Exercises: Awaken your inner guidance system with our carefully crafted exercises and practices. Through these personalised tools, you'll develop a deeper connection with your intuition and learn to trust its wisdom. 

Traits & Characteristics: Discover the psychology of your star sign and how your unique traits and characteristics impact your choices and shape your life. 

Who writes the Intuitive Horoscopes?

Meet Ghazaleh Lowe 

Bondi Guru’s Director, Facilitator and Intuitive Horoscopes Writer.

The writer responsible for the beloved Intuitive Horoscopes is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of captivating readers worldwide. With a profound ability to perceive beyond the surface, Ghazaleh uncovers deeper truths for individuals and collectives, driving her work forward.

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