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1:1 Intuitive Session

1:1 Intuitive Session

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Welcome to Intuitive Guidance Sessions with Ghazaleh Lowe - Bondi Guru

An Intuitive Guidance Session is a unique experience that taps into your own intuition and the present moment. My approach, rooted in intuition, is what sets these sessions apart. It's how I craft the Intuitive Horoscopes and it's how I guide you through these sessions. Here, you're encouraged to express unexpressed emotions and delve into the current issues in your life. I provide a listening ear, creating a safe space for you to be heard. I also offer practical practices to help you align with the present moment, unlocking your intuition. 

What matters most is your personal journey of self-realization, and the Intuitive Guidance Session is tailored to guide you on this path. Intuitively, I can sense and understand the true issues you're facing, and I'll guide you with specific questions or exercises that allow you to experience the present moment in your unique way. I assure you, through this process of present-moment awareness, you'll discover your true answers or decisions. 

I respect the value of your time, which is why I offer flexible session durations. You can choose to use the 30 minutes in one session or spread it over several. In some cases, a single session may only require a few minutes. This approach ensures we address the core issues efficiently, giving you ample time to work towards your own powerful realisations. 

 Now is the time to know yourself; book an Intuitive Guidance Session today. 

What's included

Video Forecast: Immerse Yourself in Deeper Insights and Elaborations. Experience the journey of your star sign's Monthly Intuitive Horoscope in an engaging video format. Dive into what shape your month with in-depth descriptions and elaborations. Let the enchanting narration guide you to a profound understanding of yourself and the path that lies ahead.

Monthly Focus: Discover the specific areas to focus your attention on and align yourself with the greater purpose of your life's journey. Let this valuable guidance empower you to navigate each month with clarity, intention, and a sense of deep alignment.

Key Dates: Discover the pivotal moments that hold opportunities and challenges. Mark them on your calendar and approach them with confidence, knowing you are equipped to make the most of every situation.

Intuitive Exercises: Awaken your inner guidance system with our carefully crafted exercises and practices. Through these personalised tools, you'll develop a deeper connection with your intuition and learn to trust its wisdom. 

Traits & Characteristics: Discover the psychology of your star sign and how your unique traits and characteristics impact your choices and shape your life. 

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